chubby girls: sometimes when skinny girls are saying 'ugh im so fat!' you just want to say 'im not :)' just to see their reaction, amirite?

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or just say "yeah...you are"

@ender or just say "yeah...you are"

the look on there face when you say that to them would be indescribable :)

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brb, committing this to memory.

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For sureee.
I hate it when they call themselfs fat it's like stfu, you just want us to say no you're not.

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at the end of the day tho they ARE the fat ones so...

not saying a fish for compliments but still like i won anyway

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How do you say : and )

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This has gotta be one of the sneakiest insults

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I agree. 95% of the time they're just looking for attention! -_-

im not fat but im just like... yeah you have gained some weight. same to girls who are like "im so ugly!" except i say yeah... kind of.

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