Violets are blue, roses are thorny, when I'm around you, I get all corny, amirite?

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fixed ;)

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@Jesushi *horny fixed ;)

I guarantee you that at least 10 other people (including me) went to the comments to do exactly what you have done, saw that you did, and left.

Sqwanchos avatar Sqwancho Yeah You Are +38Reply
@And me...

Me too...

Anonymous +4Reply
@AnnabethPercyGrover1 Ditto.

@1047082 (chocolatecakeisbad): @1047563 (Sqwancho): @1047593 (FlipFlopsAndSocks): @1047781 (lawlrus): @1048002 (Anonymous): @1048225 (AnnabethPercyGrover1): Lawl. It's official. We're all just a bunch of pervs.

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@Shiely @1047082 (chocolatecakeisbad): @1047563 (Sqwancho): @1047593 (FlipFlopsAndSocks): @1047781 (lawlrus): @1048002...

I read this post twice, and both times I thought "Horny" after I read "Thorny"
BTW: Not saying this is a repeat or anything, I read it on the hompage, then on the best of the day page.

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This comment was deleted by its author.

Hooray for perves! If you're gonna be a perve, wouldn't hurt to be a sexy one XD

@Jesushi *horny fixed ;)

I've posted horny before and it was a success. I'm hoping this one does at least okay

@Jesushi *horny fixed ;)

Haha wow me too this is sad...

Anonymous +1Reply

(Sqwancho): yup. I'm now the 11th commenter and we all had the same idea. immaturity ftw!!!! :)

Anonymous +2Reply

And... same here. wow.

Oh wow lol. Pervy people these days XD But I love the rhyme in either form haha.

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