It's hard to be a republican in a school full if democratic teachers, amirite?

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It's hard to be an independent in a school full of overly vocal Democrats/Republicans.

tell me about it...

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Amen to that!

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Everyone else (especially those in Southern areas): "It's hard to be a Democrat in a school full of Republican teachers."

@Neighbor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fi...blue_state.svg You can't possibly say there is a major difference...

Ah, but there is. (Link didn't work)
Republicans in the South are at least a bajillion times more vocal about it, comparing republicanism and the Bible, so it's around 200 times more obnoxious.

Try living in Wisconsin right now

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Try this: It's hard to be a democrat with a FAMILY full of loud and racist Republicans.

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And vice versa.

Or a democrat in a catholic school full of rich, extremely opinionated, extremely republican girls who hate all democrats whether they're good people or not.

If democratic teachers...what?

so many people wanting socialism and Bernie Sanders and "free stuff" and im like the only capitalist, conservative, and republican? sad.
xp smilie

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