You'd be happy to get a roll of bubble wrap for your birthday, amirite?

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you need to go to MLIA.

soccermeredith98s avatar soccermeredith98 Yeah You Are +40Reply

This isn't MLIA.

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Personally I'd rather get a banana suit with Harry Potter glasses, but I guess that's just me.

Not if that was my only present, but yeah, I would.

SEXY_BEASTs avatar SEXY_BEAST Yeah You Are +11Reply

It's rather have a nice cake baked with love. And lots and lots of calories.

Or a pony.

Go get a life, this isn't MLIA.

No. Gtfo

I would at least need some duck tape to go with it!

Anonymous +5Reply

I'd be pissed.

reids avatar reid No Way +5Reply

no idk why everyone says they're so obsessed with bubble wrap it's just like why

Even I'm not that lame.....oh alright, that would be awesome :))

WoahElles avatar WoahElle Yeah You Are +2Reply


One doesn't have to be an MLIA'er to like bubble wrap, guys. bubble wrap is entertaining to most people. i know that I'd love it if I got bubble wrap. you know, just as long as that wasn't all that I got.

I got THREE whole rolls of bubble wrap on my birthday! Three! :D

Apolloss avatar Apollos Yeah You Are -4Reply
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