I know intoxicated people have less inhibitions, but what's baffling is what they are normally holding back. Do they really fight announcing their need to defecate or urinate so much that it all comes out when sloshed? If drunk words are sober thoughts, then we really need to change what we consider secretes, amirite?

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Is the "secretes" typo an attempt to be funny? Because it kinda fits the theme :)

What does secrets have to do with it? Drunk words are sober thoughts, and nobody thinks out loud all the time. Drunk people just decide to share everything they're thinking, or almost all of it.

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I hear things like:
"I only went out with him because I wanted to fuck him! And he didn't even kiss me until 3 months after we started going out!"
"You know, I've always wanted to benchpress a mop..."

And there's always that one person that tells everybody that they love them

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