Sometimes you wonder why people get tattoos in places where you'll never see them. Putting them somewhere, like on your wrist is somewhat acceptable, since you want to be able to hide them in appropriate situations. But simply having a tattoo, meaningful or not, in a place where people can't seem them is just wasted art, amirite?

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No it's not, sometimes people want to get something meaningful, that only intimate friends or themself will see.

Some people don't want to get it somewhere obvious like their wrist, one because it often impinges on their ability to find work, and two because they don't want everybody to see it.

Not everybody gets tattoos because they want to show them off.

Why would you get a tattoo just for other people to see?

Do yourself a favor and never get a tattoo. If you're getting one just for other people to see, you're going to regret it.

Most of my tats are hidden; my tats are meant for me, not for other people.

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A lot of stage actors get tattooes in places that are likely never to be seen if they're clothed so that they can still get roles. If they have a dominant image on their arm or wrist it can cost them the part because it can be hard to hide.

Someone has a Waldo guy from Where's Waldo behind their ear just like poking out. It's pretty cool..

I'm sure a person's lover would be happy to be only person who gets to see that tattoo on that butt. :D

My counselor at camp got a tattoo of a butterfly on his ankle in honor of his little brother who fought cancer for 15 years, and died at age 17.

its about knowing the tattoo is there for yourself and what it means to you, not getting it for other people to see

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Why does it matter if other people can see it or not? A large amount of people get them for the sake of their meaning, not for approval of others. Do you buy a piece of art for the sake of other people being able to see it in your home, or do you buy it because YOU like it and YOU want to be able to appreciate it? Hopefully the latter.

Getting a tattoo in an area more easily hidden is also beneficial. If I got one on my arm, for example, many jobs would require me to wear long sleeves which is uncomfortable if I'm working in a hot room/place. Having a tattoo in a more concealable place is easier for most people.

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I have to say I'm sort of torn on this one.
On the one hand visible tattoos stop you getting some jobs, and then only people you really care about can see it if it's hidden, but sometimes tattoos are such amazing pieces of art you feel sad that they're hidden.

Personally if I ever get a tattoo, I would have to get it somewhere fairly hidden because I want to be a teacher. The back of my neck is good for me because I don't like having my hair up.
I'd never get a tattoo on my butt or something because that's one of the first places that gets saggy when you're old (apparently)

For the reasons people above said.

Depending on what type of employment you're looking for, a lot of business can and will reject you by having visible tattoos - because it looks bad to customers/clients.

You could cover them with foundation every single day (like I have a few friends with mohawks/other extreme hairstyles who actually had wigs made for work) but in the end, it would be better to get it in a more private place.

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you're hot.

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