It's annoying when people say things like "I don't trust anyone." or "I have trust issues." and then go on to list all the exceptions. amirite?

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I actually do have trust issues, though. And the only exception is my dog. Does that annoy you?

"I don't trust anyone except you."

I dunno, I feel like when it's that short a list it's not annoying.

I assume people do it for attention.

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I'm not sure about this. In my mind, you would have trust issues with strangers, but you would only tell people about your trust issues once you know them...like your close friends, or someone you were developing a relationship with. I guess if it happened exactly like you say and they went on to list strangers as exceptions, that would be kinda annoying. I guess they're just trying to say in a roundabout way that they don't trust you! For some reason. haha.

Mmm. I don't trust anyone.
Except Kaila, Josh, Tara, Andrew, Alicia, Margret, Olivia, Ben, Joseph, Matt, Lori, Rhys, Jordan, Michelle, Kellie and Sam.

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