you never see pizza delivery girls, amirite?

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Ha that's a good one, a woman driving.

"lol cuz th women are th 1s making the pizza"

I work in the pizza business. It's because it can be dangerous for girls to be driving around at night going to stranger's houses

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@And not for men? They are just as likely to be killed or whatever.

I don't think the management is worried about them dying so much as getting raped. Men can be raped, of course, but it just seems different.

@And not for men? They are just as likely to be killed or whatever.

It's definitely not the same. Rape, men think girls are easier to steal from or hurt, etc

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It's 'cause they're in the kitchen cooking like any girl should.

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lol my sister is a pizza girl, thats what 4 years of college gets ya

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...I'm a pizza girl, aha.

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"I fell in love with the pizza girl. Now I eat pizza everyday" <3
That's from the tv show JONAS.

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