Vagina, cunt, and pussy have negative connotations. Especially when you say them in public. If the female sex organ was called Fala-lala-lala it would be more appropriate to say in public, amirite?

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True for cunt and pussy, but vagina is a more clinical-sounding word.

Funniest post I've ever read on this site hahaha

But than Fala-lalala would be frowned apon, since it would mean vagina.

@Tecoo Sorry, I felt like being a smart-ass

That's not being a smartass, that's just being correct. I was coming here to say the exact same thing.

To the OP. It's actually a common mistake here to forget that if the new way you were suggesting would actually be the norm, then no, it wouldn't be any different at all to us, because that's the way we learned things. As such, I really must agree with Tecoo. It wouldn't matter if the vagina was called "Puppies bunnies and rainbows" if that's what the english speaking world knew to be the phrase referring to what we refer to as the vagina, then it would be equally socially unacceptable to utter in public.

I am calling it that from now on.

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I want your Fala-lala-lala in the morning~

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