If "the N word" was banned and you could get arrested for it, more black people would get arrested then white people, amirite?

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So it'd be exactly the same as it was before?

How the hell would banning a word work? Won't we just come up with a new one to replace it?

"This just in the word saying the word Nigger is now illegal and punishable by 5 years in jail, this also just in I'm being arrested for saying the word Nigger. " wasn't this on south park?

more black people ARE arrested than white people

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They'd be arrested for their rampant drug use and crime first.

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Sadly. dang it, freakn geniuses.

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No... if it was illegal, then it would be illegal for white people to say it. What you're saying is like one country telling another how to govern itself....

I wish they'd make it illegal. It'd be a welcome change.

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