tits are proof that god is real. amirite?

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This HAD to be home paged because of the stupidity.

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Tits are proof of evolution, more than anything. They're there for the purpose of feeding babies, just like they are on cats and dogs and such. However, humans have them all the time instead of just when they're feeding, which might be because humans often find boobs attractive, increasing the desire to reproduce, etc.

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There are some naaaaasty tits out there.


Out of EVERYTHING - sunrises, oceans, mountains, the billions of beautiful creatures on Earth... You pick tits. no smilie

@ThatDylanGuy Are you saying the female form is not indeed beautiful?

Not at all! Just saying, if someone asked me what one thing proves the power of God, I probably wouldn't choose tits as my first answer. Then again, I am a girl so...

I just wanna lather them up with baby oil and motorboat them. BLUBLUBLUBLUBLUBLUB!

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No, it's proof evolution ia real.

Wait... What?

amen brother

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@amen brother

im a chick...
@98766 (Anonymous):

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@ARandomPerson explain...

the curve of the the breast just intrigues my brain to want to see more. then when i look at the hard nipple i just drool with excitement. yum :p

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then amen sister!

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