You hate it when old people randomly die in public, amirite?

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Seriously, it's like, what the fuck. You're stinking up the place, bitch.

SchrodingersCats avatar SchrodingersCat Yeah You Are +19Reply

It's worse when you try to kill them but they survive and start calling you mean things like "hooligan"

ImTheRealShadys avatar ImTheRealShady Yeah You Are +13Reply

This reminds me of Sims... It happens all the time. And then my sims are depressed for days.

Egotisticals avatar Egotistical Yeah You Are +7Reply

Seriously. If you're gonna die, do it at home where we don't have to look at you.

Briis avatar Brii Yeah You Are +6Reply

Once the comedy value has passed yeah.

Truuninjas avatar Truuninja Yeah You Are +5Reply

I mean, how dare they die?

This meth addicted old hag died at rehab....

this happens to me ALL THE TIME!

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