What would it be like if the Egyptians used hieroglyphics to speak? "Bird triangle man with spear, angry face" "Snake tower man with wings, fire sun", amirite?

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did anyone notice the username on the OP?

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Eagle.Eagle.Sun.Moon.Hawk Bro bahahahah.

Does that have any real meaning, or just made up?

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Dammit people stop making fun of Egyptians. Non of us even knows how to use that language in anyway... It's kind of insulting...

That's not how pictographic/iconographic written systems work... There's an oral sound associated with each symbol...

That'd be like if we spell out all words in English rather than saying the sound.

Dee oh wai oh oo jee ee tee em wai pee oh ai en tee? (Do you get my point?)

You would sound that stupid...

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