Bear Grylls, without a doubt, would win Fear Factor, amirite?

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"Drink your own piss"


Sexys avatar Sexy Yeah You Are +17Reply

"and for the next task, you must eat this rotting deer carcass... Wait..... Where did it go..?"

"... That was for the show?"

TattedUps avatar TattedUp Yeah You Are +12Reply

And nobody disagrees so far. So it is truly without a doubt that he would win Fear Factor.

calebs avatar caleb Yeah You Are +7Reply

inb4 piss joke

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +6Reply
@Big_Boss inb4 piss joke

"I don't know if you know this Joe Rogan, but I drink piss"

TattedUps avatar TattedUp Yeah You Are 0Reply

"But I just had some for breakfast!

Neighbors avatar Neighbor Yeah You Are +3Reply

"MR GRYLLS! You've just won Fear Factor!"
"Time to drink my own piss."

Deady spiders? I eat them for breakfast.

shlongbottom17s avatar shlongbottom17 Yeah You Are 0Reply
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