Girls: If the person you're with doesn't like fish, you shouldn't expect to eat out much, amirite?

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If it tastes like chicken, keep on licking. If it tastes like trout get the fuck out.

does this mean what i think it does?!

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I just made that website the homepage for my laptop... Hahaha


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i dont get this

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@i dont get this

"Eating out" is a common euphemism for when a man gives oral sex to a women. The OP implies that a vagina tastes and/or smells like a fish by insinuating that a person that dislike fish would also dislike "eating out" a women.

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Good thing I love fish.

Well played.

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Wow I feel like I have such a sick mind, I got this right away...

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usually the comments give you the answers but for some reason they are all very vague, so anyone want to help me out and tell me what I'm supposed to 'get' because right now i feel like the biggest idiot in the world!

@armtheangels Well you see, when a boy becomes a man...

oooooooh I get it now! man am I slow! I thought it was actually something about guys not liking fish.

haha clever, took me a second to get it xb

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This is too funny!

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