Moms really shouldn't shop at Forever 21, amirite?

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What if they're a 21 year old mother?

unless they were on the show 16 and pregnant

Everyone who works at that store is pregnant. At least in my mall.

my mom shops there... but my mom actually has a nice body for a 45 year old woman. actually, not even for a 45 year old woman, shes good looking for anyones age. but still, sometimes she buys clothes that are not very age appropriate. not slutty, just not age appropriate.

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Nobody should shop at Forever 21, their clothes might be decently cute but they fall apart if you wear them twice...

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This is slightly unrelated but I was at Sally's Beauty Supply and a 35-40 year old woman walks in, wearing a pink tank top, a North Face jacket, pink sweatpants, Uggs, her hair was up in a messy teen bun, and she had a Coach purse and wallet. I was like no... No one wants to see your desperate cling onto youth.

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