People in elementary school: it's annoying when the class won't just stfu and then the teacher shortens recess, amirite?

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I hate when we're lining up to go to the bathroom and people do Chinese cuts. I mean, wtf?

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This is a joke, right?

wait... this is a joke right? is the poster really still in elementary school??? not only that but he said stfu?? jeez. im worried about this next generation

If this poster has better grammar than you, you should be crying right now.

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ono smilie

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That how it was my whole 5th grade year. My teacher was probably the meanest teacher I've ever had. She had the shortest temper and would yell at us like a drill Sergent. I was soooo happy when it was the end of the year

haha. When my teacher makes my class read and we don't shut up, he makes us read for longer than we were supposed to read for. I don't understand how that's a punishment because it means less work.
Silly Grade 8 teacher.

People in elementary school: holy crap why are you not on neopets or webkinz or whatever you kids do these days. This is a clearly 90's generation dominated website!

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