It's weird to wonder how many times you have escaped death without knowing it. Like, if you decided to NOT hit the snooze button today, and left your house 5 minutes early, and got run over by a bus. Or, you decided to go to a gas station for coffee and were shot by a robber. It's crazy to think about, amirite?

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If I came to this website a little too late, I wouldn't have been the millionth customer.

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Today, i almost got robbed and jumped by some gangster and his friends who were obviously high on crystal (nothing new in my shitty town), now first of all, im not usually afraid of these guys but like i said, he was high on meth and i tend to get mistaken for a gang member because i cut my hair bald and dress baggy, he started going on about where i was from and if i had any money and that i was a bitch and a "Leva" (its gangster slang).In the end, i cant believe i walked out of that situation without being robbed or put into a coma, yup, i actually managed to talk my way out of it

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actually, i think they let me keep walking because they saw that i wasnt scared like usually everyone is, its a power thing to these dumbasses

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omg this reminds me of this movie, where a girl spills coffee on her computer and after a series of coincidental events, she lands on her knife and dies...can't remember what its called though x__x

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@MrsxBillxKaulitz Final Destination. I think it's the first one.

yea that movie...i was only half paying attention when i saw it, and it was ages ago.

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I could have eaten by e-gremlins if I didn't comment on this post!

If anyone's read Hiroshima (if you haven't, it's stories of some of the survivors of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima), there's a lot of "if I was standing two feet in either direction, I would have been killed. as it was, I'm just slightly scratched."

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Rock17, not Rock!

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