You sometimes wish you survived a severely traumatic event, amirite?

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And have a cool scar to prove it.

Then I would have something to write about in all those stupid "profound moment" essays!

I got hit by an SUV while riding my bicycle. I limped for several weeks and still have scars. It wasn't fun, but the celebrity status next day at school was.

Considering I crashed headfirst into a tree yesterday, nope. Yeah I walked away but that feeling of "I'm gonna die" as my car is veering wildly due to ice on the road is not something I would wish on anyone. Maybe I'm just a coward. I suppose you did say survive, but you won't know how that affects you. Perhaps it's a good idea in theory.

I was hit by a goalpost and have a cool scar above my eye, fuck yeah!

I wish I was raped or something when I was younger, so I can have an excuse for being so fucked up.

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