You wonder who actually finds MLIA posts interesting. It's hard to comprehend why a person would go on the Internet and think, "Hey, I want to read about things that never happened from people who might be crazy.", amirite?

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I actually used to like MLIA. I actually used to have an account. Not anymore though. Although, MLIA did lead me to this site.

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No. I actually still have the account, but I never use it anymore.

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I like the stories from the beginning. Take the first one, for example: "Today, I accidentally brushed my teeth twice in the morning, and was seven minutes late for my psychology class. I had some apple juice afterward, and then I went on the internet. MLIA"
That is average.

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It was doomed from the start.

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I decided to leave when (and I counted) 22 in a row were posts taken from this site.

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This one is pretty funny


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I dunno, Stephen King books are pretty popular...

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Kinda like going on a website where people ask other people random questions to see if they are right.

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