Sometimes you walk into a really nasty public bathroom and think WHO THE HELL WOULD DO THIS??!! amirite?

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At my old school some guy decided to smear shit everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE.
Sinks, shitty. Urinal, shitty, Door handles, shitty.
Luckily I caught the door frame before it shut so i could get the fuck out of there.

Apparently girls at my school think it's funny to leave bloody tampons on the floor. Sick fucks...

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I once found a turd on the bathroom floor. Not from a baby or little kid; the thing was huge. Not even in a stall, just lying in the aisle near the sinks. What kind of person looks around at the multiple stalls that afford some semblance of privacy and says "Right, guess I'll take my shit in full view of the door."?

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dude my school is so fucking nasty even the halls have started to smell like shit

Sounds shitty

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