You remember back in elementary school when you celebrated the 100th day of school, amirite?

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This kid in my class thought it was the last day of school forever. Dumb kid.

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We would bring a hundred of something to school and in class we would glue them to a shirt and wear it around all day

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In my high school, the seniors get a bag of candy each when there's 100 days until graduation.

My teacher gave us a gummy worm and 2 peach ring one year but other than that we just counted it on the calendar

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Umm... politics?

We only did that in grade three. And I wasn't there that day :(

We had to make a poster with 100 od something that spelled out something to do with the number 100.

It was an actual grade.

I made mine out of Skittles.

And got to dress up like old people! Best.Day.Ever.

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