As a kid, you never thought about the racial implication of how the black Power Ranger was Black, the white Power Ranger was white, and the yellow Power Ranger was chinese. amirite?

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actually I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out!

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...And the Red Ranger was part Native American.

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I don't think you actually know they were Chinese. Asian is probably more accurate

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wtf, i was just talking about this today...

"Jorge! Power sombrero!"

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I think OP means wither African, or dark-skinned, for black being black, and white is Caucasian (which isn't REALLY true, but that's being far to picky.)
And yeah, yellow could be Asain, not specifically Chinese.

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and the green one had an irish last name and the pink one was the average american cheerleader

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Nowadays the yellow one is blonde... and the asian is pink... whatever that symbolizes.

except the yellow ranger was black, and the black ranger was white. nbd

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