You want to break that one girl's face in who puts a smiley and a heart after each sentence in an argument because it makes her look dumb and shows she's most likely a whore. amirite?

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Or like when you can tell they're pissed as hell and they say something like, "I don't care what you think.!:)" or even worse, "I luhvve mii haterzz.!:)" it's like, "BE A GODDAMN REAL PERSON WITH REAL EMOTIONS, BITCH!"

You suck! :) <3

youuu betch omgg! :( </3

Ummmm don't judgee meee, ur jus another paatheticc haterr :) <3 kthxbyee

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She probably is a dumb whore, but I wouldn't wanna break her face... :) <3

you're such a douchebag, lol :) <3
it'd actually be more like "yur suchhh a doucheeeee, lmfaoh:)<33333"

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Actual quote:
"GirlyGurll You Reallly Juss' Jealouz Of Me<3(:"

I fucking hate stupid bitches like that!! even when they sound threatening as shit the damn smiley ruins the whole fucking thing! :) <3

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... because excessive use of smileys and hearts now makes you a prostitute.
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