If you got a billion dollars under the condition that you had to pay for everything in only pennies, you would still take the billion dollars, amirite?

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The bank near me rolls money for FREE :D
So I'd bring truckfulls of money a day.

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i thought it said penises at first

and i'd go "keep the change, ;)"
wink included.

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Well, what would happen if the gubmint decides to stop producing pennies(which they are debating doing), and making pennies no longer legal tender?

@jasmineee123 Didn't they stop making pennies like a year ago?

Not that I know of. But it still stands as a valid question. What happens if I have (what used to be) a billion dollars in coins that are no longer legal tender?

People obviously don't understand just HOW MUCH MONEY that is. It'd be ridiculous if it was even in hundred dollar bills, nevermind motherfucking pennies. A billion dollars is completely insane to deal with in a physical form.

Where would you keep all the coins? and that would weigh an awful lot

people wouldn't accept only pennies, and I would lose them all anyway D:

@Montezuma people wouldn't accept only pennies, and I would lose them all anyway D:

They have to.
It's legal tender.
Some guy paid to get his car back from being towed in only pennies. The police got involved and everything.

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I'd hired someone to count it all out for me.~ ...After I finished counting out enough money to pay him, I guess. >_>

Coinstar anyone?

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In England if someonething's over like £2, they're allowed to not accept it in only pennies :(.

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