You dont know what year your parents where born, at least some point in your life you asked them, then simply forgot about it again. amirite?

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So many people don't know their parents' birthdays? Wow. I know my parents' and my grandparents'. In grade 1, some kids from my class didn't even know their parents' first names. I thought everyone knew that kind of thing.

Guys, he's not saying the day they were born, he's saying the year they were born. It's not being inconsiderate, some people just have horrible memories, like me. I don't have a clue what year my parents or even my sisters were born in. I usually remember the dates, but being as I'm the youngest and both my sisters moved out before I had any concrete memory, I don't really have anything to connect to the dates.

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^^ I wish everyone just calm their tits down and listen to this guy.

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I always know what age they are at their next birthday, so I just subtract it from the current year.

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WOW wtf, how inconsiderate are you?

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What!? I thought everyone would know their parents birthdays! I've known since I was like 4 wtf i know all my grandparents too! It's really sad if you don't...

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