The small red bird and the bommerang bird in angry birds suck, amirite?

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I like the big exploding black one hello smilie

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Ik!!!!! It's so bad

BMiggs5s avatar BMiggs5 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I find the boomerang bird so hard to control...and the small red bird doesn't do shit. I like the big red bird though...and the yellow speedy bird.

cherryblasters avatar cherryblaster Yeah You Are +1Reply

The boomerang one should be given more credit

word. i like the one that lays eggs!

THAT_Girls avatar THAT_Girl Yeah You Are 0Reply

I like the boomerang birds...

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and i don't like the stupid blue bird that shits out 3 tiny blue birds...

mylifeisflys avatar mylifeisfly Yeah You Are 0Reply

I've never used the boomerang bird :( I didn't know there was one, but I've only played Angry Birds Rio for a little while, is it in there?

Liloquands avatar Liloquand Yeah You Are 0Reply
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