Humans share forty percent of their gene sequence with lettuce. This explains a lot, amirite?

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So if you eat lettuce, you're 40% cannibal?

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What exactly does it explain?

This is really not that much.... considering monkeys share about 96% of their gene sequence with us.

Not really, kinda makes more questions.

potatoes have a more complicated sequence than humans

This explains why I was arrested for murder and cannibalism after eating a salad.

What exactly does this explain, do tell

yeah, but one change in the gene sequence makes a big difference not to mention 60% difference in the gene sequence.

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Take that, vegetarians.

Not to be Melvin, but it's 50%.

I don't know why, but I laughed so hard when I read this

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It's weird to think we had a common ancestor with a vegetable that recently.

We also share 67% with a banana.

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We share 50% with bananas

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