What if a person came on campus, lit a classroom on fire so we would all be in perfect lines, then started to shoot us? We'd all be screwed. amirite?

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stop giving people ideas

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Kinda scares me that you thought of this

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Hmmm.... Mwuhahahaha. pets kitty-kitty

last year at my school we stayed inside during a fire drill because there was talk of a gang doing just that.

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People have actually done this.

the two people who did the columbine massacre were originally planning to do this, they put a small bomb in the cafeteria but it didn't go off as planned..

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Yup we sure would be.

Should have ended it at "campus".

My biology class was discussing this during a lock down drill. My teacher told us she'd make a rope for us to climb out the window with, so we could hide somewhere else.

Then I said, "But all our friends would be dead!" and couldn't stop giggling for some reason. I felt terrible.

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what the hell r u thinking???

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That is why you never follow the system.

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The first big school shooting, before Columbine did this. They didn't have videos of it so it wasn't as popular.

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