Oh. Em. Gee. I was just asked out! Now I have to update my Facebook relationship status, tweet about it, upload a picture of us on DailyBooth, start a new thread about it on Tumblr, re-visit my Myspace just to say something about it, video-chat with my friends on ooVoo so they know about it, whilst Meebo-chatting my other friends about how the dates going! amirite?

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Silly goose. By that time, you guys will be broken up. Now you need to update your Facebook relationship status again, tweet about it, take the picture down if you guys in DailyBooth, start a new thread on Tumblr about how much you hate him, revisit myspace to vent about how he broke your heart, video chat with your friends on oovoo crying your eyes out while they are trying to comfort you, while meebo-chatting your other friends about how much love sucks

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This sounds like that creepy verizon stalker commercial to me for some reason...
That's crazy, right?!

My god, it's like privacy doesn't exist anymore.

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i saw someone do this on fb a while ago -___-

Yay for homepage. And @sugarbaby - Technology is ruining the whole-hearted good-ness of relationships.

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