Teachers give students a lot more excuses than we think they do. Monday: "Look class, I know it's Monday and we just got back from a long weekend." Tuesday: "I know it's only the second day of the school week..." Wednesday: "I know it's the middle of a long week..." Thursday: "I understand that it's almost Friday." Friday: "I get that it's almost the weekend and all...", amirite?

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It's because teachers are looking for excuses for themselves!

@stephheartloves24 I agree completely! :P

Haha thanks :) I've been a sub before so I know how true it is!

Saturday: "Wtf are you doing at school?"

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@Alexus http://www.instantostrich.com/

Thanks for sharing :P That pretty much made my life. :) "This show was filmed in front of a live ostrich"

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