i think in the future it will be socially acceptable to talk/text on your phone while in public, the only people who get really upset are those who didnt grow up with a cell phone, the younger gerneration feels its normal to talk on the phone in public cause thats the world they grew up in. amirite?

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I think it's rude to text or answer the phone while you're having a conversation with someone. But of course it's fine in public when you're just waiting for the bus or something.

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I got seriously bitched out by an old lady in a motor scooter for texting while I walked the other day, it was awesome.

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No, like a dinner you shouldn't... or while in mid conversation but other than that your right

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So that's why my dad thinks it's alright to say groovy and righteous!

that's a true and sad statement

I thought you were always supposed to go out in the hallway with your cell phone.
Hmm, guess I've been doing it wrong.

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