There are two kinds of men and only two; there's the one they put in his proper place, and the one with his foot in the other one's face, amirite?

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Sweeney Todd <3

@Meeko Sweeney Todd <3

Yes. One of the geatest plays ever.

Cnhaegyreonms avatar Cnhaegyreonm Yeah You Are +5Reply
@Meeko Sweeney Todd <3

One of my favorites <3

AnnDeevas avatar AnnDeeva Yeah You Are 0Reply

Sorry, but I think it's "staying put" not "they put". I wouldn't mention it, only I think it makes a real difference to these particular lyrics...I'm not usually this persnickity

Anonymous +4Reply

All of the people who voted "no way" clearly have never seen sweeny todd

"Look at me, Mrs. Lovett; look at you! They aaaaallllll deserve to die." I find it fairly creepy that I watched all the musical on YouTube earlier today, and now Sweeney Todd is everywhere. Even DBPB.

HMDuckys avatar HMDucky Yeah You Are +2Reply

cynic much?

Well, I don't think this deserves to be getting a negative score.

RobotDevils avatar RobotDevil Yeah You Are 0Reply

Even you, Mrs. Lovett, even I.

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