You're glad that the first comment on the first YouTube video ever made was "Interesting..." and not "OMG fIRST!1!!1!", amirite?

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"ZOMGF!R5T!!!!" is the saddest sense of accomplishment known to man.

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what is the video? link?

@thatguys what is the video? link?

Just search "Me at the zoo."

People who get the first comment actually shouldn't even feel proud of themselves. All it takes is luck; you have to go to the Youtube homepage at just the right time, when a good video pops up in your subscription box. If you go to Youtube enough it's bound to happen, so having the first comment is equivalent to a common occurance of luck.

I'm surpsed and not surprised at the same time that he has 24,646 subscribers even though he only has 5 videos with an average length of about 30 seconds each.