Chick flick plots are all the same. You fall in love even though at first you didn't get along, but then an ex or miscommunication issues screws everything up, but eventually, somehow, you guys fall in love again and poof, happily ever after. amirite?

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1. Sleepless in Seattle. They didn't know each other for 90% of the movie, so how could have hated each other?
2. Ghost. I guess the miscommunication would be that HE DIED
3. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. They fell in love after being best friends, not hating each other.

And I could go on.

An insult to chick flicks is an insult to me.

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''First they're in love, then they're sad. Then love comes back. Then they're mad... Then somebody dies.''

Let me clarify. There are a few exceptions; but I don't like to refer to them as chick flicks because I view chick flicks as brainless reused plots. Sleepless in Seattle was a really good movie, and it WAS different than usual romance movies. Even though MOST 'chick flicks' are brainless, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching them from time to time :P It's just that good ones with original plots are scarce, and watching the same story gets real old super quick. Just saying.

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@lifeisgoodude Let me clarify. There are a few exceptions; but I don't like to refer to them as chick flicks because I view chick...

When Harry Met Sally basically follows that grneric plot line, and it is the best romantic comedy ever made.

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How about Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts?
I'm pretty sure that's the only Rom-Com I know that involves a prostitute.

I hate chick flicks.
Except for when I'm extremely bored and stumble upon one on Netflix.

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Worst. Movie. EVER.

I love chick flicks... But I also love other movies too. But some times a love story is nice.

This sounds like Pride and Prejudice... But that was an amazing movie, and so was the music lol

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