Girls: when you get bored in the shower, you read the back of the shampoo bottles. Guys: you never get bored in the shower ;) amirite?

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When I get bored in the shower, I gtfo so I don't waste any water.

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@Norma When I get bored in the shower, I gtfo so I don't waste any water.

i like your way of thinking. Maybe we should start showering together to save water also.

Why the winky face? Everyone knows we play with our action figures. duh.

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We both know THATS a lie.

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I don't understand how someone can really get bored in the shower. I'm either really deep in thought, or actually washing myself. Or some twisted combination of the two. Maybe if you take like hour long showers, I could see getting bored in there. But that shit's just unnecessary.

rapemasterflexs avatar rapemasterflex Yeah You Are +27Reply

If the showers are boring, I can help

Guys: it takes hella longer to jerk off in the shower so you just don't do it.

Girls: you make use of that removable shower head, amirite?

The_Enigmas avatar The_Enigma Yeah You Are +25Reply

I used to read the back of shampoo bottles.

Then I found my penis.

GryndStones avatar GryndStone Yeah You Are +14Reply

Jerking off rocks.

saturnlite88s avatar saturnlite88 Yeah You Are +5Reply

i read backs of shampoo on the crapper tho

RubenKs avatar RubenK Yeah You Are +5Reply

I jerk off using the shampoo bottle.

killed it with the winky face

Guys seriously do that in the shower? I never knew...

YeahSures avatar YeahSure Yeah You Are +1Reply
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My fav is slowly stroking my dick head, massaging my balls and playing with my hairy ass =p

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I have this really cool pirate....

Roys avatar Roy Yeah You Are +2Reply
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