When ever you read Harry Potter you see the cheracters as they are in the movie, not how JK Rowling describes them. amirite?

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I do see Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Snape, etc (the main characters) as they are in the movie, but the minor ones are my own imagination.

My Harry Potter will forever have green eyes and black hair, thank you very much.

For some of the characters, the movies were pretty accurate in character portrayal. If the character in the movie is WAY off from the one described in the book, I imagine my own. If not, I imagine the actor.

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I already had them all pictured in my head before the movies came out.

My Harry has green eyes, and my Ginny and Neville look different.


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@GigemAggies Lucky

Go away, I'm begging you , just go away

It's hard not to....

I had them imagined a while before I saw the movies.

Oh, look, an MLIA fan. How delightful. ono smilie

I'm sorry, didnt no people didn't like MLIA.

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