It makes sense that band kids are so dirty; the biggest parts of the curriculum are fingering, blowing, and tonguing, amirite?

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And don't forget banging!

Moon_Shoess avatar Moon_Shoes Yeah You Are +13Reply

And the boners can do it in seven positions!

midnightcookiess avatar midnightcookies Yeah You Are +10Reply

You gotta love your band family

coconuts avatar coconut Yeah You Are +8Reply
@coconut You gotta love your band family

Ah, my 770-person band family...

@coconut You gotta love your band family

my band family is extremely complex. i'm not going to explain it cause i'll get a headache. for one, my niece is also my brother.

musicals avatar musical Yeah You Are -5Reply

I once broke my G-string while fingering A-minor.

Anonymous +5Reply

This one time at band camp...

Or in my case, banging.

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hahaha funniest band joke. And so true.

lauryn_hills avatar lauryn_hill Yeah You Are 0Reply

Nothing's wrong to play with your instrument, amirite?

akashanonymouss avatar akashanonymous Yeah You Are -4Reply
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