It would be fascinating to have a discussion with an exact copy of yourself. Someone who thinks, talks, and acts exactly like you. amirite?

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Honestly, if I met someone exactly like me, I would despise her. But it would be fascinating.

fuustoleits avatar fuustoleit Yeah You Are +18Reply

It wouldn't work. I'm not serious enough to carry both sides of the conversation. I'd be cool to see how I look from the back, though.

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +13Reply

You: "I like chocolate"
Copy: "Me too"
You: "What's your favorite book?"
Copy: "Wuthering Heights"
You: "Woah, me too! How could we be so similar? Oh, wait, right..."

emma_violins avatar emma_violin Yeah You Are +12Reply

No, on the contrary; it would be the most boring thing in the world.
What's fascinating about people is how much they're different from you and what more things they do that you've never even thought of.

Talk in front of a mirror

Been there, done that. I hate it. Even though people like me, I realized that I hated myself after meeting someone EXACTLY like me, but she was a girl.

It would probably be pretty cool... If either one ever started talking. It would probably just be a long awkward silence, I tend to do that... :/

Rainbow35s avatar Rainbow35 Yeah You Are +3Reply

It would be cool..but wouldn't you know what the copy of you would say if you think, talk, and act the same?? :P

@heathermarie713 It would be cool..but wouldn't you know what the copy of you would say if you think, talk, and act the same?? :P

That's what i was thinking!!! But what if the copy knew that you would think of something like that and said something different..? would you know the copy did that? O_O

Ankoku24s avatar Ankoku24 Yeah You Are +1Reply
@KickAss Being similar doesn't mean telepathic powers

Yeah but it's an EXACT copy, so your sentences would be like, "So I thought that was horrible." "OMG I THOUGHT SO TOO!" "Yeah haha.. cool." You of all people should recognize that conversations are more interesting if there's an element of debate to it

Roxies avatar Roxie No Way 0Reply

I'm not too unique so I've met several people who are very much like myself

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'd imitate them.

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