A lot of countries have the colors red or blue in their flag, namely: USA, Czech Republic, France, Uruguay, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Columbia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Jordan, Cambodia, North Korea, Kenya, Liberia, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mexico, morocco, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Peru, Romania, russia, UK, Turkey, Tonga, Vietnam and much more. You skimmed that list...... amirite?

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I'm really sad I didn't see Canada on this list. Especially we have a red marijuana leaf right in the middle, eh?

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China... but I'm not surprised you missed it. It's a small country. troll smilie

I couldnt put every country!! I tried!

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ahahah i skimmed itt (:

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That's pretty good for off the top of your head. You should go on sporcle, it seems you'd be good at that stuff

Thanks for not capitalizing Russia. I feel real proud now.

I think OP is the only person who religiously follows "Sheldon Cooper presents fun with flags"

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No. I didn't skim that list. I was looking for Denmark :/ xD

@BountyHuntersDream No. I didn't skim that list. I was looking for Denmark :/ xD

Yeah, I was looking for Holland. We got red, white, and blue!

I stopped and the U.S.A. and went to "amirite?" and was all "look at the size of that elipses" read the stuff before it, became sad

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France's flag doesn't have red or blue. It's just white.

South africa :)

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Wrong! I only read the first two and skipped to the end...

What, no Greece?

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and Bosnia!!!!!!

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You spelled "Colombia" wrong.

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*Russia (cry2)

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@Nacklefoodle *Russia (cry2)

I was waiting for you to complain about that

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@I was waiting for you to complain about that

Oh no, is this you again. The anonfag who "doesn't have an account"?
I'm not complaining about America, this is grammar. Fuck off.

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I got to Uruguay before I skimming, then I jumped to Tonga.

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You forgot Slovakia</3

nope, no skimming -- looking for Finland.
and being sorely disappointed.
but really not surprised, since everyone always forgets Finland.
but really, Sweden? and not Finland? I am disappoint.

I was looking for Argentina..
Sadly, it wasn't there.
Which I'm not surprised with because like nobody knows of it.

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