You wish ice cream trucks gave actual cones of ice cream, not just the packaged ones. Amirite?

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I know! On every TV show and movie when there's an ice cream truck, they give out cones. :(

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Kind of...except the guys who drive the ice cream trucks that come through my neighborhood are creepy, and I'm not sure I'd want them touching what I was about to eat. At least when it's packaged, they aren't actually touching the ice cream. =/

They used to, and in some areas they do. :]

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They do where I am.

@Mtrenchie They do where I am.

Yeah me too. I didn't know they sold stuff in icecream trucks that was packaged...

@Mtrenchie Popsicles

Well yeah, but usually there's only like, one option for one of those. Not the whole truck. Plus, those popsicles are way too overpriced.

I get cones from my ice cream truck...

what about the 99flake? that's coned.

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