Justin Bieber fans are beliebers, Miley Cyrus fans have the Cyrus virus, Lady Gaga lovers are Little Monsters. So what about Ke$ha? Personally I think it should be like Ke$haholics or Ke$heads or something. You know, in honor of the fact that she's always drunk or high. amirite?

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how about little Ke¢has?

Keshaholics, there's already LedHeads for Led Zeppelin, me being one of them.

Toriajaynes avatar Toriajayne Yeah You Are +8Reply

How about idiots?

You forgot Harry potter fans are potheads

Anonymous +2Reply

i am now a ke$haholic. i love you for putting this idea into my brain.

yasminls avatar yasminl Yeah You Are +1Reply

Their suppose to be the cannibals. From her song "cannnibal"

FreedomofSpeechs avatar FreedomofSpeech Yeah You Are +1Reply
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