You know that it's not the mentally retardeds' fault for being born that way, but you can't help but think they're rather annoying at times, amirite?

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I don't find them annoying. I find them more pure, and more genuine than "full minded" people. I think they are beautiful.

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@Wunderscore For real. I know two that are hands down the nicest people I've ever met.

I think their only that way because of the way people treat. Because everybody's nice to them, they in turn are nice to everyone

I feel guilty for agreeing with this... But I do :x it's just so hard to reason with them sometimes (like if they want to do something that's not safe for them to do).

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Some are really creepy though. The way the men stare at women since they have all the hormones with the mental capacity of a child. They scare me.

@I know, and you're not sure if they'll make a forceful advance. :/

There's this guy I know, and he has Asperger's and his obsession is watching The Wolf Man, and he thinks he's a wolf. I was at a BBQ/pool party last summer, and when he didn't have his arm around my neck holding me underwater, he was scratching the hell out of my back with his weirdly long nails. Yet his manners were flawless. Nicest guy in the world, but he wants a girlfriend, and he won't get one by causing that kind of pain.

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When I have to babysit a kid with SEVERE developmental problems for 6 hours straight, it can exhaust my patience. Don't get me wrong, I know he can't help it, but yes, they can be annoying,

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Everyone says we should treat everyone equal, so be they mentally retarded or not I'm going to keep to that rule. Just because someone is mentally challenged it does not mean you can't find them annoying because some people just are. I know someone who is like this and I also know someone else with it who is lovely.

It's ok to find people without mental retardation annoying, as you can't like everyone, so it's also fine to find someone with it annoying too. Sometimes it just tires you out and if you're in a bad mood anyway it's hard to handle.

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I really hate thinking that, even if they are a little annoying. it just makes me feel douchey. Especially when its my brother, who im supposed to love unconditionally.

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I also feel horrible for saying it, but I agree. I have a neighbor who keeps trying to pimp her dog w/ my dog, constantly tells me that she was in the newspaper (as in multiple times in one conversation), and lets her dog poop in my yard. She has DS so I just grin and bear it, but it is kind of annoying.

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first of all, "mentally retarded" is not politically correct. second, no, mentally CHALLENGED people do not annoy me. they are beautiful and more real than most people i know. third, even though i know you can't help it, i find stupid people like you annoying.

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@first of all, "mentally retarded" is not politically correct. second, no, mentally CHALLENGED people do not annoy...

mentally retarded is fine. political correctness is starting to take over our lives.

'retarded' is only now viewed as condescending because people started using the word retard as an offense. mental retardation is a medical condition and doesnt need to be modified to be more 'PC'.

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My best friends came up to me and I didn't really have much to say to them. "Them" isn't a term to create distance; it's just a pronoun that makes the writer sound less redundant. I use "them" to describe any group of people, not just those with mental and/or physical disabilities.


Since when has the word 'them' gone from being 'a pronoun to replace a group of people' to 'an offensive word meaning people who are of lesser value'?


OP didn't use "them."


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@Lolita Rude

This is amirite, not amipolite.

@Lolita Rude

How does this even have negative votes? It is rude. If you wouldn't say something to the person/people"s face(s), then it's probably something rude that you don't what them to hear.

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Its not mean if its true

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@Its not mean if its true

people seem to think that applies to all things. just because it's true doesnt make it any less rude. it's still hurtful. how would you feel if you were mentally retarded and people said you were annoying because of something you had no control over, and then said to you 'i'm not being rude, i'm telling the truth.'?

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