Guys who drive compact cars: Your penis compensates for the size of your car, amirite?

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Thank you, for I could not have assumed this from reading yesterday's POTD.

i don't have a car. i win.

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the more expensive the car or the bigger the truck (lifted trucks) the smaller the penis.

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@somthing a poor person who cant afford either would say.

Or maybe they'd rather spend their money on things they actually need... like bigger condoms.

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@(NotSoDangerous):condoms cost the same amount, doesnt matter what size

These condoms are especially big and must be ordered in advance. Duh.

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What about me? I ride a bike.

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@StickCaveman Is it a big bike?

No, it only weighs about 20 lbs. It's a road bike, not a motor bike. The kind you pedal.

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Nope, compact cars are directly linked to vaginas.

I cant affford either , either. doesnt mean im poor stupid

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and vice versa! if you have a huge lifted f450 with a smoke stack and that little metal ballsack thing, its compensating for the size of your microscopic penis.

(mydick>yourdick): A modified car is a bigger give away to size. A big truck or Ferari or Porche is a sign of bank account more then penis though often those two link but not always. Some people do need the bigger vehicle and some people just hate the look of those smaller cars. Personally I hate pretty much all cars asides the older ones as I don't like all the areodynamic curving as they look so girly.

Most cars are inversely proportional to the size of the driver's penis.

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