It's weird when you sleep in a funny position and wake up with a dead arm. Then when you try to brush the sleep out of your eyes, you slap yourself in the face instead, amirite?

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That happened to me at a sleepover. I went to brush my bangs off my face and my hand flopped over my mouth and nose and stayed there. My friends thought it was hilarious my hand was trying to suffocate me.

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This comment was deleted by its author.

I would think so. Priorities, ma'am. D:

But yeah, I hide my votes. Makes me feel like a ninja. frown smilie

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my arm was hidden in the blanket, and i tried to find it, and it fell on my face. true story );

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Whenever that happens to me, I just smack my arm really hard against the wall

I love the wording here...never thought of it as brushing the sleep out of my eyes.

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dude I read this and started laughing so hard my mom looked at me and said "do we need to see dr. al again?" he's a therapist. lmao

Just wanted to catch you up to date. It's today.

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story of my life

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I'm twelve.

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