You never know when you win the game! Amirite?

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I lost the game.

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banneeeddd topic

i lost the game. SCREW IT!!!!!

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I lost the game

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I lost the game. :(

the rules of "the game" are as follows, "you are now a part of the game, the point of the game is to forget the game. If you think abotu the game you must proclaim, 'I lost the game', thus making others lose. If you think about the game you have 30 minutes to for get the game, in which time you can think about the game all you wish, but when the 30 min are up if you think about the game you must again proclaim, 'I lost the game', and the 30 min restarts. The only way to win the game is to get the pope to announce to a crowd of 5 million people or more that he lost the game. have fun and good luck."

ps i lost the game

the game has been over since January 7 2010. let it go faggots

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@Child_Of_Gallifrey lies

if you don't know where the game came from, you were not part of the win, and permanently lost the game which has been over for months

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@Child_Of_Gallifrey the game is not over! it cannot be till the pope says he lost the game!

gtfo faggot, u dont even know where the game started, it has turned into the dumbest thing ever by people like you

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who did it?

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Well, college kids made up a new rule that has become a colloquialism in parts of the US.

You can win the game if you lose the game while having sex. If you are that obsessed with the game, then it's time to quit, lol.


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no i heard the only way one can end the game is to lose on live national television

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