"Don't panic when you fall through the ice." Besides hypothermia, there's that chance that you go under, and you're unable to find the hole again, leaving you to drown. What if no one is even around, or they don't notice? How are we not supposed to panic in these kind of situations, amirite?

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If someone said "don't panic when you fall through the ice" instead of "don't panic IF you fall through the ice," I'd panic that they 1) can predict the future or 2) are plotting my ice-y, drowning doom.

It's all in the mind. Some people can handle situations like that incredibly logically, and do exactly what they need to do without panicking or anything. However, most people would freak out.

Also, there are people who are trained to deal with situations like this, so they don't freak out either.

I just imagined someone falling through ice and be like, "Pardon me, I don't want to bother anyone, but would you mind saving me? I appear to be freezing from the waist down. Sorry to trouble you!"

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