You remember when DVD's first came out. You were like "You never have to rewind it?? AWESOME!!". Amirite?

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well, ya, but you coulnt see the wine fly back into the bottle...
d smilie

WhatThePoptartss avatar WhatThePoptarts Yeah You Are +7Reply

I remember trying to rewind it and my dad was like, "they're nothing to rewind, it starts from the start everytime". It was a great day.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are +4Reply

plus they didnt have the commercials....or you could skip them faster.

this makes me feel old

danilols avatar danilol Yeah You Are +2Reply

I actually dont remeber, but the post made me laugh anyways.

marianababas avatar marianababa Yeah You Are +2Reply

I remember renting a movie and the employee told us to make sure we remind the DVD. Didn't even notice until I got into the car that he made a joke.

Anonymous +2Reply

I never watched full movies at one time back then.. I was like "You mean it starts from the beginning everytime? NOOOOOO!"

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