"He had one hand on the steering wheel, the other on my heart." No, sorry Taylor Swift, he wasn't reaching for your heart, amirite?

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I like how 75% of the comments on this post are just making fun of somebody's spelling

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Lol, I always thought this

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You speak good grammar.

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@AllanFoFallan You speak good grammar.

XD She speaks VERY good grammar, lol. (No, really, do YOU have any clue what she's trying to say?)

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@AllanFoFallan You speak good grammar.

I made a lot of spelling mistakes. I was in a hurry. Sorry.


I literally felt retarded reading that inside my head.

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Like... He wasn't reaching for her heart, he was reaching for her boob. Cuz those are the kind of guys I know, mostly.

Even if he was reaching for her heart, it wouldn't work, because I assume his arm is wrapped around her back in the classic pose, in which case his hand would be on her right side. Unless he reached all the way around and has her in some kind of awkward head-lock or his arm isn't even wrapped around the back, just reaching towards her in an equally awkward position, then his hand wouldn't even be close to her heart.

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