The blood you smell when someone you're crushing on has a bad argument with their partner is one of the sweetest and most exciting aromas known to humankind, amirite?

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At first i was like lolwut smilie and then i was like ono smilie

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I actually really liked how this post was worded, I think people are taking it literally.

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You can smell the blood...?

@cherryblaster You can smell the blood...?

It's a figure of speech. Like a lioness smells her prey, the person dating the person you like is a wounded animal to be taken down so you can claim the person you like for yourself.

lol - the anti-spam code for this post was

"all things must pass"

it's a sign

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I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way as me - if my crush and his partner were arguing, I'd probably be upset since I wouldn't want to see him angry and sad.

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Trying too hard to be Twilight... or just stupid.

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